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Aloha and welcome,

I am passionate about personal transformation coaching and would love the opportunity to partner with you as your Courage Coach, guiding you on a journey to experience and express your most powerful and authentic self in new ways as you create your best life and contribute your unique gifts to this world.

My creative passion is writing and performing songs that strike a chord in others and speak to what is emerging in the collective field of human evolution to bring forth clarity and inspiration; to inspire others to step forward with their gifts.

My business passion is to educate women about emerging alternatives to the economic models we see all around us. I am currently building an international team to expand a business model that consciously supports individuals and local economies. Additionally it rewards its members for patronizing its loyalty merchant partners simply for buying what they normally buy every month and for sharing with friends (155,000+ points of sale, both physical and online).

I am thrilled to announce that I have now merged these three worlds into one. “Bentley Kalaway, Courage Coach” has been accepted as Maui’s FIRST official Lyoness loyalty merchant. The 13% discount I offer my Lyoness Member coaching clients (free to join) goes into a loyalty account that grows every time you (or the people you refer) shop with a Lyoness loyalty partner. Learn more...

Coming Soon: an integration of my songwriting and transformational coaching into an interactive multi-media self-inquiry tool titled, “What Now My Love?” This evolutionary system will launch in April, 2013.

Please email me if you have questions about my coaching programs or to set up an introductory coaching session.

Below: Enjoy my Conversations With The Divine Feminine, featuring author and global teacher, Rashmi Khilnani...

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