The long awaited "Song Catcher" collection now available for digital download on Bandcamp.

Digital download ($7 for 14 tracks) and physical CDs now available on Bandcamp.

Bentley Kalaway

My life has been so enriched by music. For decades, I’ve been a musician, an entertainer and a singer/songwriter. I honed my musicianship and got lots of live performance experience from my time with both DarkStar, an original 80s Colorado rock band, Jimmy Mac and the Kool Kats, an oldies cover band that I worked with for over 15 years on Maui and various solo gigs throughout my career. During this time, I wrote songs and I raised a family. I never lost the desire to have a professionally recorded CD of my original songs. I am so grateful that that dream is now accomplished.

I write songs for more than just entertainment. Creativity has been a profound and radical tool for my own personal growth.  I write songs for enrichment of myself and others. I write songs for the transformational offerings I can weave into them. I stalk the poetry of the soul, always looking for a way to bring new wisdom through, to lead others to their own powerful introspection. It is my hope that after you hear my CD “Song Catcher”, you will feel lighter, clearer and inspired to trust both life and yourself more so that you can be the powerful presence you are meant to be in this one wild and precious life.